TV7 Israel: میزگرد- نبرد اروپا با تروریسم اسلامی (انگلیسی- نیم ساعت)

France has become a major battleground in the fight between governments of Europe -whose populations are mostly Christian, and Islamist terrorists – who are out to impose their ideology by all means possible.

The recent brutal attacks in France and Austria have reignited dialogue among European leaders to combat (what they term) political Islam.

Is it just a security problem, or a more fundamental one?

Will the measures taken by French and other authorities decrease the friction, or only increase it?

Panel: – Jonathan Hessen, Host. – Amir Oren, Analyst. – Dr. Ely Karmon, Senior researcher – The Institute for Counter Terrorism, IDC Herzliya – Colonel Richard Kemp, former British infantry commander and head of international terrorism intelligence team at the British Cabinet Office.

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