TV7 Israel: میزان آمادگی اسرائیل برای جنگ بزرگ با ج/ا (میز گرد انگلیسی- نیم ساعت)

With the Middle East, just like the rest of the world, pre-occupied with the year-long COVID-19 crisis, Israel’s enemies are in no rush or indeed position to initiate large-scale hostilities against the Jewish State.

If there is any movement at all, it is in the opposite direction – with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan officially leaving the anti-Israel front.

Yet the conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran persists and may engulf Syria, where there are Iranian-backed militias and proxies; Lebanon, home base to Hezbollah; and Gaza, out of which Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad operate.

How well is Israel prepared for such an eventuality?

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