TV7؛ تحولات سال 2020 منطقه و چالش های 2021 از دید کارشناسان اسرائیلی (انگلیسی- ۳۰ دقیقه)

It took us a full year, but we finally managed to push 2020 into the history books and make way for what we all hope is going to be a much better year. Before we turn the page, let’s try to analyze what 2020 meant for this region and this nation, the Middle East, and at its heart – as we look from Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel. Panel: – Jonathan Hessen, Host. – Amir Oren, Analyst. – Ambassador Danny Ayalon – Israel’s Former Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the United States. – Dr. Eran Lerman, Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute of Strategy and Security and a Lecturer at Shalem College in Jerusalem.

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